Volleyball World
Championships 2022


In a new era of volleyball where the fan experience is being reimagined by the consumer-facing body that is Volleyball World, we have been tasked with the visual style of their upcoming major event.

The Volleyball World Championships 2022 is on the way and it promises to be an electrifying experience for all those who witness it.

Based in three separate countries, Russia, Poland, and The Netherlands, national spirit and talent energizes our visuals creating the electric energy throughout our visuals.

The event begins next year but the content is already being created by  Volleyball World and their huge fanbase. More to come in the next year.

Created by Ogilvy Social.Lab with help from BeSweet


In Russia, the men's event will be held. Spanning 15 cities
across the nation, the nation will be covered in our electric blue and visuals.


The Netherlands and Poland will host the Women's event, with the first qualifiers in Poland and the main event in the Netherlands. These nations will be covered in their national colors, Electric Orange and Red.

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