With the mobile navigation industry expanding year on year, app designers are seeking new ways to make their product stand out from the rest.

TRIP+ acknowledges that people who live in the city have a varied amount of free time, and often this results in strass and other health conditions. TRIP+ aims to take the stress out of making plans by asking you two simple questions. How long to you have? And how much do want to spend?

Using API’s from leading transport companies, including skyscanner and citymapper, TRIP+ can take this information and compile a set of activities, small or large, to fit with the time and budget you have. It will work out the best option for you to have a good trip + a good activity.

TRIP+ Beer
TRIP+ Rockclimbing
The possibilities are endless.

0621585181 — Harry S Hobbs  — Designer  — Amsterdam  — Ogilvy