On the Vijzelgracht, in the middle of Amsterdam, Mogeen is a unique brainchild of hairstylist Hester Wernert-Reijn. An authentic salon. All the materials are carefully chosen and most of the interior was crafted by Hester. The wood gives a warm and welcome feeling, the steel brings the design element to the salon and the mirrors connect all the different areas. Hesters inspiration of antiques, Japanese cherry blossom, plants and flowers are not a secret when you enter Mogeen and we tried to keep this as an essential feeling when creating the brand, whilst also making it contempary and modern. We have been tasked to compleatly overhaul the origional brand to leave little resembelence of the previous form. Due to tight timescales, we crafted the website and the base of the brand simultaneously.

w/ Craig Berry

Thanks to/  Hester Wernert-Reijn, Maaike Riemens,
Sander Stenger, Firma Netjes

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