In The Loop


35% of London’s music venues have been lost since 2007. Musicians and bedroom producers are finding it harder to break into the world of music. In the loop tackles the issue of a increasingly separated music industry by encouraging collaboration between local musicians, to reignite the local music scene. In the loop utilises your location and encourages you, to collaborate and experiment with your local music scene to create the perfect mix. Creators can record and upload short original loops showcasing their sounds.  The loops appear in the flow ready for anyone to scroll through, mixing them with other artist’s creations. When you have your perfect blend, you can share it with your friends and the artists included in the mix. When featured in a mix, artists can chat to the other musicians that complement their sound, to arrange a collaboration or organise a local show together. The mobile app will offer a selection of synths, drums and virtual instruments so that loops can be made on the go.

w/ Stephen Pelling

0621585181 — Harry S Hobbs  — Designer  — Amsterdam  — Ogilvy