Equal Jersey 

By Volleyball World


Despite the fact that Volleyball is one of the most played sports in the world, its professional leagues are not seen as distinctive or relevant to the average sports fan. Volleyball World (the main governing body) needed a way to grab people’s attention with a fraction of the budget of most sporting bodies and show the world that Volleyball is truly a sport like no other. And win new fans the world over.

To do this, we dove into the minds of sports fans and learned that 61% wished that professional sports were designed to be more inclusive. This aligned perfectly with Volleyball World’s mission, as it aims to break boundaries and create equal opportunity. The problem is not enough people know it.

In order to highlight our commitment to equality in a way true to the core of the sport, we created the Equal Jersey. An incredible special edition Volleyball Jersey that featured the names of female and male players who shared the same jersey number. The jersey was designed with parallel lines representing boundaries, and a clear break in those lines showing how we distort and break conventions. The break in the lines create the shield-like shape of the Volleyball World ‘V’ logo.

The color scheme features different hues of the same spectrum of pink to purple, reflecting our equality philosophy and creating an eye-catching color splash on the court.

To then launch the idea, we worked with players from both teams in the Volleyball Nations League finals to wear the jerseys at a key point in a globally televised match. Our simple activation captured the world’s attention and surpassed our wildest expectations garnering national and international exposure, scoring another important point for equality in sport.

Created at Ogilvy Social.Lab

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