Clear Time


Burnout, its a common thing now but it never used to be. Buisness meetings, emails, and excessive collaboration are the unholy trinity of a burnout. Clear time is a concept for a new app which recognises that mental health, for many people, is directly related to how busy you are. At the core of the design is a traditional callender app. We all have to use them, but we dont want them to dominate our lives. Thats why in cleartime, as you fill your day up with tasks, there is a visual representation of how you might feel during the day and tips on freeing up some time. In addition cleartime suggests mindfull exercises such as medetation to encourage good mental health in a time when this is truly critical.This is a app in progress, If you feel like you have something to add to this project, coding skills, feature advice, anything, please get in touch.

0621585181 — Harry S Hobbs  — Designer  — Amsterdam  — Ogilvy