Harry Hobbs


I am a designer and maker who’s work is heavily influenced by the collaborations that I form with those around me. I am motivated by the cross disciplinary movement within design practice which has evolved over the last decade, producing work which utilises this cross media process to demonstrate my ideas in the most cohesive way. I strive to create bold work that is intriguing, stimulating and socially grounded.


Ogilvy | Social.Lab
1 year 1 month - Designer

1 year - Junior Designer

GBH London
3 months - Internship

1 year - part time Designer


Asics   -   Coca-Cola   -   Volleyball World
Volleyball World Championships - Philips
Mattel  -  Sennheiser - Amsteldok - WPP
Mogeen  -   Gosser  -   Health City
Penguin Publishing  -  Kingston Pound Amnesty International

0621585181 — Harry S Hobbs  — Designer  — Amsterdam  — Ogilvy